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Create purpose driven content by tapping into your flow

Bring passive, organic traffic through SEO

About Me

I am Poonam Mehta

Combining SEO with Flow is my Superpower

Technology, and Analytics  are my natural gifts

Purpose and Flow are the biggest parts of my lifestyle

Are you ready to create content with ease and bring organic, evergreen traffic to your website?

Let’s take your business to the next level

Make SEO a breeze and Get the traffic your desire

Intimidated by SEO? Look no further. As an SEO specialist, I  optimize your pages for you.

I will do SEO optimization on your site and off your site to build up your “authority” in Google’s eyes.

We will also make sure your website has an “SEO-friendly” structure and the site speed to provide the best user experience.

I will break down complex, technical jargon into simple, easy to understand information so that all your future blogs are perfectly optimized.

Aligned Creation and Monetization

Get out of the dreaming phase into the doing phase. As a Certified Project Management Professional and Beliefs Clearing Practitioner, I will help you develop an aligned plan to monetize your purpose using flow-based creation and strategic monetization techniques, and I will keep you accountable.

You will get learn how to unlock your creativity and intuition, and create your best, soul-led work and content that ranks.

We do this by tapping into your flow state and combine it with the right strategies. This is co-creation at its best. Become magnetic to your customers, visualize your success, and get the passive income that you have always desired!

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